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John Galea founded Johnny Farming Company in 1976. He took over a cane farm that had been in his family since his parents bought the land in the 1950s. Realising the times were changing, John decided to move his business into the trucking industry in the 1980s.

Buoyed by that success, John continued to diversify, selling and repairing tractors for clients in Mackay and nearby areas. By 2000, his business was selling earthmoving tyres and other utility vehicle tyres.

In 2005, John realised it was time to set up an office in China, as it was the best place to source affordable and high-quality products for his clients.
The past 10 to 15 years have seen Johnny Farming Company expand into various product categories supplying all kinds of farming supplies such as; party hire equipment, recycled products, tyres, irrigation supplies, fencing equipment, farming machinery and more.

The team at Johnny Farming Company will continue to diversify and expand as we seek to meet the needs of our clientele.

Farming Equipment

Johnny Farming Company is in business for a single reason — We deliver the products our clients need at reasonable rates. That goal drives our work every single day, as we source products, engage with our suppliers and ensure deliveries run smoothly.

We pledge to maintain reasonable rates for all products, as we source directly from Chinese companies. Having an office in China gave our business a new dimension. Instead of relying on long-distance communication with suppliers, we have employees in China that handle those aspects of our business.

Reliable & Experienced Family Business

Despite an ever-expanding list of products we source, import and sell, Johnny Farming Company will always remain a family business. We treat our employees with dignity and respect while engaging with our customers like they are family.
"Brilliant happy helpful customer service at their office, memorable as some of the best I've had. Excellent no fuss, fast, efficient field service when they come to you. Good value products. Definitely a five stars from me and I'll be back as a repeat buyer" - Laurence

Meet The Johnny Farming Company

John Galea – Owner, Director & Manager
Andrew Galea – Jack of All Trades: Salesman, Assistant Manager, Tyre Fitter & Truck Driver
Joanne Galea – Accountant
Samantha Marks – Office Manager & Accounts Keeper
Ian Fadden – Office Staff
Malachai Harrison – Tyre Fitter
Ross Ryan – Tyre Fitter
Joe Lawrence – Truck Driver & Mechanic