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Johnny Farming Company understands the importance of diversifying and offering customers the supplies they require for their operations. In the past few years, we have made a significant step in the direction of recycled products. One of the primary products that we offer to our customers in Mackay and surrounding areas is recycled crushed concrete. Not only that, we also offer appropriate disposal services of concrete and tyres.

If you would like more information about our recycled products, please visit the JMJ Tyre Recycling site here.
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Recycled Crushed Concrete

We routinely see old concrete structures renovated, demolished and repurposed. What happens to the concrete at those sites? In the past, it would collect dust somewhere. Now it is put through a crushing plant to produce another item—crushed concrete (Also known as recycled concrete aggregate).

There are two reasons why our clients in Mackay and surrounds may prefer crushed concrete. It is often cheaper compared to regular concrete, while it is also an eco and environmentally friendly solution. Clients that care about doing their part to limit waste and pollution will be pleased to know they can now invest in crushed concrete from Johnny Farming Company.

One of the apprehensions regarding crushed concrete is its safety, with many assuming that it is unsafe or not as strong as regular concrete. However, crushed concrete is very durable if it is used for construction projects such as driveways, walkways, roads and other such structures. It may even be used for landfilling purposes, such as laying down the foundation for a new home, extending an existing property or constructing a commercial site.
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Material & Product Disposal in Mackay QLD

Johnny Farming Company helps clients in Mackay and surrounding areas dispose of materials such as sand, concrete, asphalt, tyres and machinery. We understand that removing these items from construction sites or businesses is a difficult undertaking. It is why we are happy to take these materials off your hands and safely disposing of them. Our commitment to eco-friendliness means that we recycle all materials where possible, instead of dumping everything at a local landfill!
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