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Johnny Farming Company offers exceptional freight services to clients throughout Australia. We understand the global economy requires the importing and exporting of goods from one area to another. Whether you are dealing with a business at the other end of the country or in another part of the world, we can help.

A key issue with freight is safety and compliance with national laws. We take safety very seriously and all precautions are taken on every ocean or road journey. We also comply with all local, state, national and international laws regarding specific products.

If you're interested in or have any questions about freight with Johnny Farming Company, please don't hesitate to give our friendly team a call!
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Freight Services

The past decade has seen Johnny Farming Company establish key dealings with suppliers in China. We have an office in the country and business relationships that allow us to source and import the highest quality products at reasonable rates. Such dealings also mean we have access to the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to provide cartage, freight and transportation services. If you are hoping to send or receive products from a specific part of Australia or another country, contact Johnny Farming Company to see if we can help.
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Affordable Freight & Transport Services

Not every company has the ability to access transport infrastructure on the fly. We understand that all businesses are different. Whether you require a one-off or regular transport of goods from one location to another, we are happy to oblige with affordable cartage, freight and transport services wherever possible. If there is a route or type of good that we cannot handle, Johnny Farming Company will liaise with a business that can handle your request. We only put our clients in touch with businesses we trust.

If you have any questions or concerns about our freight services, do not hesitate to call John for more information. We will book an initial consultation to discuss whether Johnny Farming Company can meet your needs.