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Johnny Farming Company is a Mackay-based importer and seller of tyres from China. We source the highest quality tyres for trucks, utility vehicles, earthmoving machinery and other machines. Through our relationships with Chinese suppliers, and our Chinese-based office, we can source and import the best quality tyres at reasonable rates, offering the deal of a lifetime to our clients in Mackay and surrounds. We are also a mobile tyre service so we can come to you.

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If We Don't Stock The Tyres You're After, We'll Source Them
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At Johnny Farming Company, we are always moving forward. We strive to supply tyres for all types of vehicles, machines and equipment that may be required by our clients. It is why we have relationships with residential, commercial and industrial customers who only buy tyres directly from us.

The one thing every customer can expect from Johnny Farming Company is a dedication to quality. We never let our standards slip. If an imported product does not meet our strict standards, it is sent back, and we inform our clients as such. We never sell subpar products to make a quick profit—we have too much respect for our clients to do so.

Aside from importing tyres for various vehicles and machines, we also offer a range of tyre fitting and repair services at our Mackay location. These services include tyre-fitting, tube fitting & valve fitting. Give us a call for more info!

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Tyre Balancing, Fitting, Rotating & repair Services

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We handle tyre balancing for all of our clients. This is done through machines or with tyre balance bags and beads.

We also conduct tyre disposals using environmentally friendly methods. We can repair tyre punctures as well. Whether you require your tyres to be fitted, rotated or a puncture repaired, come by our Mackay location and John or one of our other professionals will be happy to help you! Our on-site services are available Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm. There is an after-hours surcharge for appointment visits.

Clients who require tyres that are not in our inventory list can make a request. We are happy to source and import the tyres you need.

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