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Farming Machinery Mackay— Automotive & Agricultural Imports in Mackay, QLD
Johnny Farming Company imports a range of products from manufacturers in China. We help our clients in Mackay and surrounding areas get the best deals on high-quality, long-lasting products that help their businesses grow. Johnny Farming Company is able to source any product required if provided the relevant specifications. This can include merchandise, machinery, furniture, farming supplies and more!

Our relationships with Chinese companies have strengthened immensely in the past decade. Not only does the team at Johnny Farming work hard to secure the best deals on products directly from suppliers, but we have an office in China to help us liaise with our partners.
Thanks to our close ties with companies that manufacture products related to building, agriculture, farming, automotive and other industries, we can supply our Mackay clients with the products they need at knockdown prices.

We offer products of only the highest quality standards at prices no other importer/seller in Australian can offer! Give us a call today to learn more!
"Staff here were great. So friendly and helpful with competitive prices. Great range of agricultural products and machines. Would recommend going in and checking them out for some great deals" - Johnno

Chinese Product Imports

One of the best qualities of our owner John is that he is never satisfied with the status quo of his business. Determined to increase the relevance of Johnny Farming Company and provide our clients with even more outstanding products, he has expanded our reach to China.

While we started by importing tyres, agricultural equipment, farming supplies & automotive supplies, we are branching out into other industries. We import party hire equipment, advertising merchandise, furniture, industrial equipment and more. When our clients come to us with a request, we source and import products through our suppliers and deliver outstanding goods at the best rates.

The products we source from China include water pumps, jacks, other irrigation equipment, fencing supplies and tyres for all types of vehicles. Our ordering process is efficient, we never compromise on quality, and we deliver items to our clients seamlessly to ensure minimal hassle on their end.

If you wish to order a specific product or item through Johnny Farming Company, contact John with your request.

Merchandise Imports