Fencing & irrigation supplies in Mackay


Irrigation supply — Fencing & Irrigation Supplies in Mackay, QLD
Given our history in the farming industry, Johnny Farming Company understands the critical nature of irrigation and fencing products to local farms. Without proper irrigation systems, farms would be unable to cultivate crops and sustain livestock effectively throughout the year. Similarly, fences allow farm owners to keep their herd in check while ensuring no one ventures onto their property without permission.
Farm fence — Fencing & Irrigation Supplies in Mackay, QLD

Quality Products At Low Prices

Not only does Johnny Farming Company have all the materials you would need for a farm fence or a rural irrigation system, but we also offer the best rates in Mackay and surrounding areas. Our relationship with suppliers in China ensure that we have access to the highest-quality materials and supplies, along with lower rates than any sellers in the area.
Irrigation system — Fencing & Irrigation Supplies in Mackay, QLD

Irrigation Supplies

We carry all types of irrigation supplies for clients in Mackay and surrounding areas. You can rely on Johnny Farming Company to provide you with pumps, valves, controllers, accessories and other tools that make up complex or simple irrigation systems. We can also help you choose between various options if you are unsure about the best irrigation system for your purpose.
A pile of wood — Fencing & Irrigation Supplies in Mackay, QLD

Fencing Supplies

Having run a family farm for decades, John understands that perimeter fencing is critically important to landowners in Mackay and nearby communities. We offer a full selection of farm fencing supplies that will help you secure your property.

Avoid choosing substandard materials for your fence, as it will only result in more problems down the road. Such fences do not stay up for very long, with a moderate storm knocking them down. The fencing materials we supply will stay up on your land for years, require minimal maintenance and are available at reasonable rates.

We sell star pickets, fencing wire, security fencing, and other types of fence materials that allow you to set up perimeters on your property as you see fit. If you require a specialty fence for your residential, commercial or rural property, we are happy to source and import the materials for you.

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